Oct 22, 2010

Dossier: Week of 7/26

Here’s a recap of all the interesting links and articles we’ve came across this week:

— What happens when you combine sexy + power? Find out as Alana reveals in a feature on The Huffington Post

— You don’t want to mess with Cheryl Hammel aka Agent Crystalclaw — our first featured SSS Brand Ambassador!

— Feeling overwhelmed? Thinksimplenow has a great guide on 8 Ways to Overcome It

Smart cookies don’t get mugged: Safety tips to keep in mind on your vacation 

— For many women the fear “Will I be loved if I become everything that I’m meant to be?” holds us back. Do you agree?

In A League of Her Own: 13yo pitcher Chelsea Baker hasn’t lost a Little League game against the boys in 4 seasons

— “Half of them don’t want to invite me to their homes anymore..” Interesting read on competitive lockpicking in the US

— Hackers to get eavesdropping lessons on cell calls

— Remember that fab Porsche 918 Spyder that was just a concept? Looks like dreams do come true (if you have US$650,000..)

— I spy with my lil eye — sleek, fast and glides through the waves like a hot knife through butter…

— Is your mind wandering at work? Relax, maybe it’s a good thing…How Daydreaming Could Lead to Your Next Big Idea

White hats vs. Black hats vs. Gray Hats: Behind the world of cyberhacking

How to deal with negative/difficult people

— With all the gadgets we have in our daily routine, here’s a pro-tip for no more tangled cords!

— How does a secret agent unwind? By listening to the smooth groves of Secret Agent Radio obviously ;)

Don’t Regret Working Too Hard

— We are in awe at these female athletes‘ strength, speed and overall badass attitude!

— A recipe for a Dewar’s Callaway cocktail in 60 sec by a former US Marine

— 10 all-time of the greatest spy movies. What’s your favorite?

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