Oct 22, 2010

Even the Deadliest Secret Agents Have Heart

It’s that time of year when we get bombarded with cupids and hearts and Valentine’s Day advertising.  What’s up with all the subliminal (and literal) messages telling us that we must have a valentine or we are somehow incomplete?

Well, we say don’t buy in to that nonsense.  The most important thing is to love.  Love your fellow man.  Love yourself.  Love your family and friends.  As the Beatles said, “All you need is love.”  There is no mention of chocolates or long-stemmed roses in those lyrics. 
So whether or not you have a Valentine this year, remember that ALL IS GOOD.  As long as you love yourself and others, you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

Which V-Day Type of Gal are You?

Whether you are an A-type personality who is anti-Valentine’s Day or simply believe that you work hard and should play hard —  and don’t need a man to buy your flowers, we like your style.  Our upcoming missions will feature some new kick-ass training components like Samurai Sword Fighting. You know you want in on that action.  Come solo or get your girls together and show us what you got.
For those ladies who have a collection of romantic comedies and are married to or otherwise entangled with a fabulous man who all your girlfriends adore, we say, good for you!  In fact, we think you should come to Stiletto Spy School and take home a few new moves for that Tom Hanks of a man who was lucky enough to have found you.
For those ladies who have it all dialed in, we say, just tell your hubby that you already bought your V-Day gift and that you absolutely love it!  He’ll probably be relieved to have been given a reprieve for another year and you will get to come to Stiletto Spy School.

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