Oct 22, 2010

Lessons in Opening Up to Receive Love

agent 33 here with a cool story i would like to share. 

earlier thisyear, i led a new york stiletto spyschool mission.  the women were diverse in background, age, per

sonality and motivation for attending spy school.  after learning how to shoot, slice and  dice and bump and grind, we circled up  and raised a glass to celebrate their accomplishment. 

as we discussed the bigger lessons learned that day we went around the circle and each person shared a compliment she recently received.  one of our agents (we will call her “s.d.”) looked at me and said, “i’ve been trying to come up with a compliment but i can’t think of one.  i guess i don’t get a lot of compliments.”  i thought to myself, “surely, she must get compliments and is just not recalling one at the moment,” and then said, “i will give you a compliment,” and proceeded to do so.  without prompting, two of her stiletto sisters also offered up a compliment, which i thought was awesome!

flash forward a few weeks.  we always ask women to share with us what they got most out of spy school and how they apply it in real life. some women share the most inspiring stories of how their training motivated them to make a decision or take an action, and the positive results that resulted from it.  well, i recently got such an email from s.d.

i could paraphrase it, but i think her words are more powerful:

“after the ny exercise when we had to share a recent compliment that hadbeen given to us (and i couldn’t think of one to share), i went back to workand put up a huge sign announcing my upcoming birthday.  i told everyoneif they had any reason at all to be thankful for my presence on earth, mybirthday was the day to tell me. 

i was overwhelmed by gifts and sentiments of appreciation.  my friendsplanned treats (lunch, dinner, presents, etc.) every day of my birthday week!

so i learned a good lesson that maybe i need to open up a little, and let people know that i need love.”

yes, indeed, we all need love.  when i read s.d.’s email, i got a little choked up.  i think we all put up barriers of different sizes for different reasons in different areas of our lives.  when we are brave enough to break one down and let people in, we might just be surprised at how many show their love.

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