Oct 22, 2010

Stiletto Spy Sisters | Agent Crystalclaw


we are pleased to announce a new program to celebrate and highlight our past alumni who have gone on to embody the spirit, strength and sass of a stiletto spy sister. to kick things off, we’ll like to introduce you to cheryl hammel aka agent crystalclaw — our very own q!


  1. in real life, you are …………

cheryl l. hammel, attorney (i have my own practice).

2. in the spy world, you go by the alias …………… and have the ability to ……………..

agent cvetlana l. crystalclaw. i design and create hand-made, one-of-a-kind, custom pieces of sparkling jewelry which double as surveillance devices.

3. how did you first learn about stiletto spy school? what triggered you to sign up for a mission?

in recent years, i adopted a tradition of treating myself for my birthday to an outing of some sort. one year i took a self-defense class, another year i took myself away on vacation, things like that. i saw the today show segment for stiletto spy school and decided right then and there that spy school would be my next birthday outing! the segment aired in the late summer or early fall of 2009 and my birthday is in january so needless to say i couldn’t wait for january to arrive. i attended my mission in february 2010 and it was amazing!

4. what was the most important skill/takeaway you’d learnt from the program?

overall the most important takeaway was a much-needed boost in self-confidence and the assertiveness that comes along with that. more specifically, it was an affirmation that i too can be seductive and “work it” (thank you, gal friday!!!!!!).

5. how have you applied skills/lessons you’ve learnt in real life?

the most important thing i’ve done so far was to disentangle myself from an emotionally abusive and very unhealthy relationship. that probably sounds simple but it was a huge step and one that i did not have the confidence to take prior to mission artemis. i’m on the brink of even larger and more difficult challenges but every day i take a slow, deep breath and think of what i accomplished on my mission. recalling things i didn’t think i could do then reinforces my resolve to accomplish things that seem impossible now.

6. what would be one spy skill you’ll love to pick up next?

definitely hand-to-hand combat. i’m talkin’kick-butt, physical fighting skills, like thekind j.lo learned in her movie “enough”. bring it on! :)

7. if you were assigned to a fantasy mission, who would you pick (dead or alive) as your spy-sister to cover your back?

lara croft, of course! after all, she and i have matching holsters……. ;)

8. do you have any advice for those interested in signing up for the program?

absolutely! my advice is stop dilly-dallying and do it! i truly believe that this is an experience that every woman should have. what are you waiting for??? sign up now….before lara and i come find you! ;)


are you passionate about stiletto spy school and want to be engaged at a deeper level?do you want to share the incredible experience that you had here, and help other women create meaningful change in their lives? if so, you may just be our next brand ambassador (oh yeah, it comes with great perks too!) . call us to discuss (888-779-1905).

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