Oct 22, 2010

Stiletto Spy Sisters | Agent Gel

Each week we celebrate and highlight our past alumni who have gone on to embody the spirit, strength and sass of a Stiletto Spy Sister. Boys, watch out for the ever-seductive Agent Gel!

1. In real life, you are….

Angelica L. Aguirre, Strategic Marketing Consulting to the Pharmaceutical Industry

2. In the spy world, you go by the alias ………….. and have the ability to …………..

Gel. Ability to bring men to their knees with a single glance of my jasmine green eyes

3. How did you first learn about Stiletto Spy School? What triggered you to sign up for a mission?

One of my lovers told me about it… he heard about from a Thrillist write up.  The program sounded like a cool adventure that would give me some super awesome bragging rights!

4. What was the most important skill/takeaway you’d learned from the program?

Pool shark cues.  Learning to play pool has been a great data activity where the men I date are actually surprised to see that I know how to play the game.

5. How have you applied skills/lessons you’ve learned in real life?

I am much more fierce and confident from the experience of SSS.  Every skill learned has been applied to my everyday life.  I learned to not be victimized and some practical skills to defend myself if faced with by an unwanted attack.  I relate to people in work and social settings.  I now know how to command the attention of a room simply by walking in and “owning” the room with my presence and attitude.

6. What would be one spy skill you’ll love to pick up next?

Poker playing

7. If you were assigned to a fantasy mission, who would you pick (dead or alive) as your spy-sister to cover your back?

Angelina Jolie

8. Do you have any advice for those interested in signing up for the program?

Just Do It!

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