Oct 22, 2010

Stiletto Spy Sisters | Agent Mother

Each week we celebrate and highlight our past alumni who have gone on to embody the spirit, strength and sass of a Stiletto Spy Sister. Wise and nurturing, meet Agent Mother who thinks that always having an A-game is overrated.

1. In real life, you are….

Denise Souraj-Ramjohn. Though currently unemployed, private jet management is what I do.

2. In the spy world, you go by the alias ………….. and have the ability to …………..

Agent Mother is my name and taking care of people is my game.Whether in real life or the spy world, my aim is figuring out the needs of those around me and doing my best to hit their target.

3. How did you first learn about Stiletto Spy School? What triggered you to sign up for a mission?

I saw the segment on the Today Show and knew it was something I had to do at least once. We were deciding on what to do for my sister for her wedding. We wanted to give her a bridesmaids’ present / bachelorette party that she would never forget. I wanted to give her an opportunity to learn more about herself and build confidence. It was a hit! She, along with the other bridesmaids, loved their experience and each one of us took away something that we’ll never forget.

4. What was the most important skill/takeaway you’d learned from the program?

Self-awareness. From understanding the physical fear that metal imposes on your flesh to learning some great confident and seductive moves in stilettos and feather boas, each experience was as impactful as the next.

5. How have you applied skills/lessons you’ve learned in real life?

I don’t always have to have my A game. My B or C, even D game is fine, too. In other words, an off day may not actually be an off day, just another way, though sometimes a longer or not so clear way, to get to the same goal. Your body tells you what it needs. You just have to listen and work with it, not fight it.

6. What would be one spy skill you’ll love to pick up next?

I didn’t know about the other spy skills until I learned them so I guess I have to experience another spy school mission before I can answer this question!

7. If you were assigned to a fantasy mission, who would you pick (dead or alive) as your spy-sister to cover your back?

As a LOST fan, I pick ROUSSEAU. She was such a badass who did all she did because she was a MOTHER.

8. Do you have any advice for those interested in signing up for the program?

It’s something you just have to experience…

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