Apr 30, 2013
Agent Owl

What will Stiletto Spy School give YOU?


Calm and Control

The ability to see past obstacles and find solutions

An edge to get ahead in business and in life

Becoming a Stiletto Spy School Alumni isn’t just about being able to takedown an enemy with only a spoon in your little black dress (though you will know how!).  It’s about using these skills to keep calm, cool, collected, and in control in any situation.

Over at Mission control, we think Tyra Banks said it best:

“Stiletto Spy School teaches you, to kick ass, still be sexy, and TAKE CONTROL of your life”

Sure you’ll learn cool, totally brag worthy skills here. And yes you’ll have an awesome fun time. And yep, you’ll meet and network with a group of very dynamic women.

But –  there’s so much more to it than that.

All of our professional instructors, across all of our fields of expertise, have the winning mindset. This keeps them in control of any situation, and ensures that they come out on top. And that is what we want to share with you. That’s what Stiletto Spy School will give you.

A new way of looking at things,

A new way of acting in any situation,

The power to get what ever you want in your personal and professional life.

Here’s what our Stiletto Sisters say about it

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