Read Testimonials from Stiletto Sisters


Straight from the Stiletto Sisters

  • “Very Fun! Love the message of instinctive body awareness and reactions. I could see the program helping. Women who came in with any issues visibly relaxed and had more and more fun as the day went on.”

    Patricia Doherty
    aka Agent Gigi L’amour
    Fairfax, VA

  • “I will now be more aware of everyday situations and how to best situate myself to be in control of them. ”

    aka Agent Emma McCoy
    Fairfax, VA

  • “Thank you for the best day I’ve had in a loooooooong time. I’ll be back! ”

    Cheryl Hammel
    aka Agent Cvetlana Crystalclaw
    Union Beach, NJ

  • “What an experience! To be able to learn skills that are generally from a “man’s world” with ease, support and no judgment was Fantastic To succeed, . . . .there aren’t words. ”

    Shannon Hamilton
    aka Agent Pandora
    Mount Kisco, NY

  • “I came in expecting to just have fun, and I did. However, I also learned the importance of going after my dreams and goals. It is attempting the challenge that makes us grow and become stronger. ”

    aka Agent Alex McGee
    Clifton Park, NY

  • “I loved loved loved the firearms training! I can’t wait to sign up for the Vegas mission. High quality program. ”

    Aymii Couzelis
    aka Agent Seraphina
    Milford, CT

  • “It was empowering to try new activities and share some of my life experiences with such a supportive group. I learned to focus on life targets and to own my power. ”

    aka Agent Siri Kikali
    New York, NY

  • “Very empowering! I learned to be more confident and to think before I react. ”

    aka Agent Katerina Storm
    Downington, PA

  • “The skills I learned in hand to hand combat will help me be more aware of my surroundings and more confident in my day to day interactions with people. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the program. ”

    aka Agent Miss Priss
    Elk Grove, CA

  • “I always thought a normal reaction to a hand to hand combat situation would be to fight, defend yourself and try to control or escape the situation. The interesting thing I learned is that the complete opposite is much more effective. Allowing yourself to go with the motions, remembering to breathe, thinking and planning gives you more opportunity to overpower someone. ”

    Nancy Mullin
    aka Agent Natasha Ashington
    Media, PA

  • “I think everyone could benefit from this! The training will help me to think more clearly and to react properly in certain situations. ”

    aka Agent Nine
    Merrick, NY

  • “I liked being pushed out of my comfort zone! ”

    Mary King
    aka Agent Veronica
    New York, NY

  • “I learned that awareness of yourself and your environment will make you successful in whatever you do. I enjoyed it – thanks! ”

    aka Agent Axel Casey
    New Orleans, LA

  • “Use of body language and making conscious contact with people is something I have always enjoyed. After conducting countless business meetings, those skills shifted into autopilot. I hadn’t even noticed. Now I will be paying more attention and, of course, having SO much fun working the room with my new Spy School skills! ”

    aka Agent Adrianna Luisa
    Massapequa Park, NY

  • “I work with clients addicted to illegal substances and there is always a chance a client may become violent. I now feel better prepared for any instances of this kind. I learned that my first reaction is not always the correct reaction and to assess the situation before acting or reacting. ”

    aka Agent Delta Red
    Padukah, KY

  • “Such a fun and educational way to spend a Saturday with friends, old and new! ”

    aka Agent Cat Eyes
    San Antonio, TX

  • “My favorites take away? Embrace the fiery, saucy goddess that I am. Honor Me!

    It’s an empowering experience that I will never forget. I’m a fan for life”

    Angelica Aguirre
    New York City

  • “Fun and Empowering. Definitely a once in a lifetime that completely expanded my world view.”

    Missy Shorey
    Albany, NY

  • “My favorite take away is feeling like I've made amazing new friends. The people are amazing, the instructors are totally fabulous.”

    Jinan Leslie
    New Jersey

  • “Gave this class as a gift and it was a HUGE hit - even before the SSS class happened! what a nifty gift idea!”

    Michael Beirne
    Washington, DC

  • “I LOVED Veronica Varlow. She makes you feel confident and sexy. Also, I LOVED pool class. Mark was awesome... took so many notes and ready to hustle!

    Stiletto Spy School is about the empowerment of women, making new friends, and having fun and a good time.”

    Nadia Payan
    New York City

  • “Kimberly had the best time ever, thank you so much for truly creating such an empowering experience for her and all those millions like her. I will tell everyone and I look forward to the men's version sometime soon.”

    Kris Kaplan (Gifted to his wife)
    Boston, MA

  • “All experts made me feel comfortable and excited. Trust and love all of them.

    I loved all aspects and gained an overall confidence in all areas. So excited to dance sexy, evade an attacker, make money at pool and end the day with a delicious drink.

    I absolutely loved it. Would (and will) definitely recommend to friends. Total self confidence boost and great real world skills to take away.”

    Lea Palmieri
    Cosmo Radio, NYC

  • “I had the opportunity to attend the SSS Spy-girl weekend in Vegas last May. What an incredible experience!

    From Blackjack to Bullets... from Salsa to Self-defense... from Martinis to mega meals... totally action packed.

    Definitely, 3 of the most unforgettable days of 2008!

    Thank you Alana!”

    Mayuka Goenka

  • “How soon can I go again!? I LOVED this experience. It's still a topic of party conversation months after the event. And truly, a once in a lifetime experience (until the next time). I learned to shoot a gun, I learned I’m a pretty good shot, I learned how to sweep a room, I learned not to shoot the innocent civilian, I learned to team with a group of women that were relative strangers. I learned to laugh in extreme situations. I came home and pondered-how can I give this to my staff? how can I go back with friends? A perfect weekend with wonderful hosts. My husband has been known to quip, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mess with your mother . . she’s been to spy school, you know.” I feel more confident, stronger, and have friends (that know how to cover my back) all over the country.

    Thanks to Stiletto Spy School, I am a force!”

    Sharon Soliday
    Portland, OR

  • “It was so great to be at SSS and completely forget who I was for the day as compared to my usual role as mom, chauffeur, homework helper, disciplinarian, cook, school volunteer, etc!I really was out of my daily element and had a whole day to do nothing but think of what I was doing at the moment, think about me, and feel a little like a sexy and dangerous new girl!Hopefully I will be bringing home some of those dance moves to incorporate into the daily vacuuming and shake things up a little!”

    Agent Mom
    Boston, MA

  • “Alana orchestrated a Stiletto Spy School weekend for a group of entrepreneurs in September 2008. From the martini mixing lesson to the army special forces training, the weekend was fun and exciting and I learned secrets that’ll come in handy throughout my life. Alana and her team pulled off a flawless event for us that we would never be able to do on our own--or find anywhere else.”

    Joyce Lasecke
    Minneapolis, MN

  • “This is not your grandmother’s spa sabbatical or your ex-boss's boring old leadership workshop. Stiletto Spy School is shockingly new and different and so outrageously fun. ”

    Kay Adams

  • “This program is empowering and imparts skills that can be used in daily life. It’s taught in a supportive environment and was so much fun. ”

    Moneeka Zaman
    aka Agent Jazzy Zee

  • “Stiletto Spy School has been so responsive to my emails. Thank you for the donation that helped Cystic Fibrosis and allowed me to bring two friends. The experience was a great mix of empowerment. ”

    Barbra Anderson
    aka Agent Sweet Tart

  • “All of these techniques will help me personally in my home life and professional life. This is a must for women to experience at least once in their life. Very empowering. ”

    Sherri Kennedy
    aka Agent Knockout

  • “You empower women to be sexy, strong and confident and have us step out of our comfort zone to push us to the next level of our better self. ”

    Kerri Smith
    aka Agent Ivy

  • “I found the program to be a great opportunity to learn about myself in ways that I haven’t experienced – or perhaps had tucked away. I had a great time with my friends and meeting the other participants. The environment was safe and trustworthy. Thank you. ”

    Hilary Ward,
    aka Agent AAA

  • “I am so excited to take these skills into my daily life as a wife, mother and friend! Thanks so much to all the staff at Stiletto Spy School! ”

    Stephanie Cole
    aka Agent Bump-n-Grind

  • “I thought I was coming here just to have fun but it was so much more. In 8 hours, I became more confident in myself. It was so empowering for me because it made me realize that I can go back to school and follow my dreams. Thank you! ”

    aka Agent Greek Goddess

  • “As a breast cancer survivor, I really think a group such as a post-breast cancer wellness group could gain so much from this experience. Great way to gain strength and recapture all that cancer can take from you, especially feeling beautiful and trusting your body again. ”

    Shelly Stewart
    aka Agent Miss Kitty

  • “This was as much fun as I expected, but in a completely different way. I never expected to feel empowered or encouraged to think about myself in a whole new way. The instructors were amazing and I was grateful for the fun and caring environment they created. ”

    Colleen Duerr
    aka Agent Brick House

  • “I had many preconceived ideas about the training, especially the Hand to Hand Combat and Seductive Dance classes. I was pleasantly surprised at how different the classes were. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and will take the skills I learned, particularly how to present myself with confidence in every situation. ”

    Mary Jo Haggerty
    aka Agent Scrappy

  • “I could see you put a lot of thought behind who you hire and that really showed. It is a high class program. Thank you for pushing me way past my comfort zone. My life had become somewhat predictable and it was good to experience deeper emotions again. It was way more than I expected. Vegas, here we come! ”

    Tricia Garanzini
    aka Agent Too Hot to Handle

  • “Loved it! Don’t change a thing. ”

    Kate Phillips
    aka Agent Skyler Lew

  • “In the world we live in today, there is not one nice person who could not use this program. ”

    Kitty White
    aka Agent OCTAL

  • “Will use these skills in everyday life – business and personal. Had I not attended, I would never have known how to access these assets and tools, or how to use them. Thank you so much! ”

    Rebecca Satterfield
    aka Agent Wooden Spoon