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Think our New York Missions are awesome? Imagine what a difference a Spy School weekend could make in your life. Mission Las Vegas is a dynamic three day immersion in Stiletto Spy School skills and mindset. You’ll meet like-minded women, challenge yourself in ways you may not have imagined, and walk away with a whole new outlook on life and on yourself.

Join us for this life-changing weekend, and experience our ground-breaking women’s empowerment program as seen on E! and The Today Show.


Here is an example of what your spy weekend might entail:

  • Thursday

    Martini mixology: learn how to mix the perfect martini and other divine cocktails.

    Private lessons from a croupier: learn the ins and outs of the tables like a pro.

  • Friday

    Elite special agent training: Navy SEAL developed hand-to-hand combat lessons. This is no “self defense” class. Learn the real deal using the system that our government uses to train their top agents in the field!

    A delish little lunch break and then...

    Advanced seduction skills: Learn from a pro some very exotic dance moves that will leave you breathless!

    A fabulous dinner with a Sommelier teaching us to pair the perfect wines.

  • Saturday

    The most challenging day of your life!

    Learn to handle and shoot all kinds of firearms from Glock pistols to Uzis and M16s.

    Use your wiles to avoid enemy agents: Use your wiles to avoid enemy agents. Equip yourself with all the secret skills you’ll need to become the ultimate spy - ready for action at any time. After today, no silver screen agent will have anything on you!

    Followed by Glam-o-rama time – the best ‘girls’ party ever! Have your hair and make up done by the pros while we enjoy fabulous cocktails and a yummy dinner en suite.

    All dressed up and nowhere to go? No way! We’re off to a top Las Vegas hotspot with VIP entry for the newest crop of Stiletto Spy Girls.

  • Sunday

    Breakfast and “debrief” time. Today is just for you! After a tasty breakfast and group debriefing, some choose to play golf or go to the spa, while others prefer to relax by the pool. Whatever you choose, you will likely be wearing a smile thinking of all the fun you had.

The all-inclusive price for our Las Vegas weekend Missions includes double occupancy room at a swanky hotel, all meals and all Stiletto Spy School activities. Single rooms are available on request for a supplement. The only things not covered are airfare, ground transportation to and from the hotel, and incidentals (e.g. room service, extra cocktails, phone calls – the usual).

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Refund & Cancellation Policy: All sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

If you cancel within the cancellation policy of three weeks, a credit will be issued for the full amount that can be applied towards a future mission. All missions are rain or shine. If a mission is rescheduled due to unsatisfactory conditions, weather, or circumstances beyond our control, a credit for the mission will be applied to any other trip for one calendar year. Pre-paid missions are transferable to another individual.

A spy must be prepared for things not to go as planned, therefore, we reserve the right to alter the components of this mission due to external forces of nature, uncooperative counter-agents or other circumstances beyond our control.