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Looking for unique ideas for a:
  • Milestone birthday
  • Girls Weekend
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Sorority reunion
  • Moms Getaway Weekend

Or maybe you have a group of gals who don’t need a reason to get together!

Our Stiletto Spy School programs are cool, fun, unique and memorable. We work with each client to create a fabulous personalized Mission that suits your specific group and budget. We can build everything from a single day to a fully customized four-day weekend. It all starts with a phone call to Mission Control (888) 779-1905.

Here are examples of single-day custom event missions that our clients have enjoyed.

“Smart Bluff”

  • Elite Hand to Hand Combat
  • Lunch
  • Perfect Poker Skills
  • Signature Seductive Dance
  • Glamour Hair and Make Up

“Blades and Bubbles”

  • Knife Fighting Skills
  • Lunch
  • “McGuyver” Survival Skills
  • Sizzling Argentine Tango Lessons
  • Champagne toast

“Flying high”

  • Extreme Stunt Driving
  • Either Extreme Firepower or
  • Magnificent Flying Lessons
  • Includes full limousine service
  • and transfers

“In safe hands”

  • Elite Hand to Hand Combat
  • Complete Martini Mixology

“Swords and sipping”

  • Samurai Sword Fighting
  • Sizzling Argentine Tango
  • Argentinean Wine Tasting, served with delish hors d’oeuvres

“In control”

  • Precision Firearms
  • Knife Fighting Skills
  • Martini Mixology
  • Fabulous Steakhouse Dinner in a Private Dining Room
  • Perfect Poker Skills and Tournament

“Cued up”

  • Awareness Training, Breath Control, Hand to Hand Combat
  • Lunch
  • Precision Firearms
  • Pool Cues
  • Complete Martini Mixology

“Survive and seduce”

  • Precision Firearms
  • Lunch
  • “McGuyver” Survival Skills
  • Signature Seductive Dance Lessons
  • Champagne and Chocolate


All of our custom events include our essential Stiletto Spy School kit. You’ll receive Stiletto Spy School shirts for your whole group, a super slim Stiletto Spy School purse compact, a certificate of achievement for each participant, and of course your Stiletto Spy School guide who is with you at all times to ensure your mission goes smoothly!