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At Stiletto Spy School, it isn?t just the experience that you’ll remember.

You’ll take away skills you might have never learned, and wonder how you did without them.

Hitting targets at Spy School can help you hit targets in business.

Survival skills will teach you to look for opportunities in unusual places.

And while you may not need any stunt driving tips to park your car in the garage, they may just help you next time it snows.

From poker to pool, from seduction to staying calm, you can learn almost anything at Spy School.

  • Threat elimination

    Use your elite hand-to-hand combat training to understand how the pros ‘eliminate the threat’ with their bare hands. Receive the training used by Elite Forces and Special Operations agents. You don’t need to be bigger, stronger or faster ? you just need to know the tricks. The bad guys will.

  • Elegance and sophistication

    As you learn to blend martinis you will feel the epitome of glamour and sophistication. From James Bond to 1950?s movies, the martini symbolizes elegance, and you?ll soon learn the perfect blend of ingredients for drama and intrigue. Find out when to shake and when to stir.

  • Awareness Training, Breath Control, Hand to Hand Combat

    Learn the dynamics of awareness, breath and movement in one of our most popular modules. You?ll quickly understand the subtle differences that mean survival or death in any extreme situation. We then learn how these principles apply to the arena of hand-to-hand combat as well as efficient and effective strikes and techniques. This class is based upon and taught by a master of ancient Russian military arts. These simple but crucial principles can be applied in all areas of your life.

  • Seduction and flirtation

    Seductive dance ? the dance of power - teaches you how to use seduction and flirtation with both friends and enemies ? essential spy girl knowledge! The advanced moves taught in this class will leave you breathless. Fun and sexy, but completely non-intimidating, seductive dance is one not to miss.

  • Wine tasting

    At our wine tasting session you’ll find out how important it can be to be able to close a business deal (or any kind of deal?) over the perfect glass of wine.

  • Perfect Poker Skills

    Perfect your poker face with one of the top trainers in the world. Whether you're a novice or play regularly, you'll learn the ins and outs of the game, and the crucial skill of reading people. Clean up at the tables and clean up in the boardroom.

  • Sizzling Argentine Tango

    Bold Passion, Beauty, Drama, Sophistication. The tango has long been considered the sexiest dance in the world. It's the trick every Stiletto Spy Girl needs to turn heads any place, any time.

  • Etiquette

    Dining with the Queen at short notice? Can’t tell your fish knife from your soup spoon? Spies need to be cool and collected to blend in any situation. You’ll learn not only which fork to use first, but also how to use it if that enemy agent three seats down gets too close.

  • “McGuyver” Survival Skills

    If you had to survive out of your purse or backpack, would you be able to? Could you fashion a weapon out of everyday objects? Learn uncommon uses for common objects, and the 10 things you should always carry with you, whatever the weather. Our instructor has a unique background ranging from the circus to special military operations, which uniquely suit him to deliver this specially designed class.

  • Extreme Stunt Driving Skills

    Skids, splits and 180’s? Emergency lane changes, obstacles and enemy agents in hot pursuit? Not a problem. We?ll teach you to handle it all with skill and aplomb, and how to maneuver your way out of any situation at high speed. Our teams of expert drivers are the only instructors in the Northeast qualified to deliver this kind of training safely and efficiently. And they expect you to wear out the tires!

  • Knife Fighting Skills

    We hope you’ll never need this but if there’s one thing our instructors teach us it’s to be prepared! Our knife fighting instructors have a military background, and will show you why you need courage, precision and mental focus to gain the upper hand. Knife fighting is often considered one of the elite fighting techniques due to the clarity and focus required to learn.

  • Salon Time

    Glam-o-rama time! Stylists bring out you inner Glamour Queen and let you relax after the day’s exertions. Depending on the day, services may include any combination of glam make up lessons, hair styling, mini massages, or gorgeous manicures. You’ll be looking and feeling fabulous.

  • Pool Cues

    Learn how to shoot if you?re a novice; learn how to hustle if you’re not. Refine your grip and stroke and soon you?ll leave the men in the chalk dust! Even if you don’t yet know the difference between a stripe and a solid, when we?re done you’ll know everything you need to do it on a pool table.

  • Precision Shooting

    Learn from genuine sharp shooters how to handle a .22 caliber rifle. Have a blast as you learn how to hit your targets with this precision training. Can you stay on target?

  • Full Firearms and SWAT Team Training

    Led by an active and retired US and Israeli Special Ops team, this is your chance to learn the skills that simply aren’t available to the civilian public. These instructors usually train Special Forces, and the training you get will be no different!

  • Orienteering and Navigating

    Have you ever got lost on your way home? Taught by a Reconnaissance Marine, in our Orienteering and Navigating session you?ll learn how to read your environment and never lose your way ? or your target ? again.

  • Samurai Sword Fighting

    ? the Kill Bill drill

  • Extreme Firepower

    Learn how to handle 8 different firearms, including semi-automatic weapons, with enough ammo to satisfy Rambo!