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Release Your Inner Femme Fatale!


"What an experience!" she proclaimed, "From Blackjack to Bullets, from Salsa to Self Defense…!" - Mayuka G - India

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, let me share my story with you. I'm Alana. And I'm probably a lot like you…

I grew up watching James Bond movies with my dad, and then Charlie's Angels, and as I got older, Lara Croft, Kill Bill, Burn Notice, Nikita, anything with cool, powerful women who were sexy and dangerous. I loved the whole world of ‘secret agents'. I desperately wanted to be, aspired to be, those girls, but was so far from it. They were ‘in control' – they could kick butt, clean up at the poker table and every man wanted them!

To put things in to perspective, no one even wanted me on their kick ball team at school!

I have always heard that ‘women have all the power' however it seemed like it only applied to those girls in the movies, not me, and frankly not many of my female colleagues either.

Which of the following do you relate to most?

  • Feeling scared and running to your car, holding your breath, when leaving your office or a shopping mall late at night because you are sure you can't take care of yourself in a bad situation.
  • That feeling of mild panic when walking in to a party and you don't see your friends, you don't know anyone, and you are nervous about talking to a stranger.
  • Avoiding invitations to poker games because it's embarrassing to be the only one who has no clue how to play, and hating being the first one out.
  • And as far as being a ‘seductress'? Do you become a deer in the headlights when there is one guy whose attention you want, struggling to remember your own name, let alone capture his attention and desire? Or even worse become too aggressive and watch him walk away?

I believe most of us have always wondered how we could have more confidence, feel that inner strength, and own our feminine power.

I figured there was some secret training ground that ‘those girls' went to, or there was something different between THEM and US and if only I could find it, then I could be just like them – the woman every woman wants to be and every guy wants to marry.

Secretly, don't you wish to be a bit more like those girls in the movies too – not all the time – I mean no one wants to be shot at for real! – but wouldn't you love more excitement, a few ‘bad ass' skills, and certainly more confidence? In fact the kind of confidence I have when I put on my stilettos and pretend to be Angelina in Mr and Mrs Smith!

The Journey Begins…

I always wanted to be that strong woman and finally I made a commitment to myself that I was going to become that.

A women's self-defense class seemed like a good place to start, so I signed up. After 5 weeks of learning to scream, stomp and knee to the groin, I was feeling pretty good about myself. Then one day, I befriended a guy who had a system that he taught to the Navy Seals. I thought I'd show him a few of my ‘self-defense' moves and impress him. He kindly but certainly showed me why none of those moves would work. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? (that's military for WTF)


He showed me why, sadly, most of the techniques taught in women's self-defense classes are lame AND how a few key moves that are taught to the military for hand-to-hand Combat situations are so much more effective. He invited me to study and learn how the military trains. It seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity so I gulped and reluctantly accepted. You wouldn't believe how intimidating it was – in a room full of brawny guys! I wanted to run out of there as fast as I could. But I stayed. And I trained with them. After some time I learned how to take care of myself in class and found an interesting coincidence. My confidence grew not just leaving my office late at night, but also IN my office during the workday. I found that I was much clearer and more confident about which battles were worth winning, and how to not back down while still maintaining my grace. Wow. Maybe I was on to something here…

As I felt the levels of confidence I was gaining from this one skill, I wondered how learning other skills that THOSE women from the movies had could impact my life. I polled female colleagues to see what skills they needed to learn in order to feel strong, empowered and sexy.

We came up with quite a list ranging from firearms training to samurai swords to skiing black diamonds, from pole dancing to poker to mixing the best martinis ever.

I tried them all – some worked and some didn't.

The idea started to form – a ‘bootcamp' where we train with the best experts to learn super cool ‘Bond Girl' skills – giving us confidence, and transforming us in to the uber strong, sexy, powerful women we'd always dreamed of being.

Finding the experts in each field was an arduous process. Some were great, some were masters at their skills, but terrible at teaching them. Some were so long winded and felt that you had to study for years before they would give up any ‘precious secrets', and some were just trying to get me to go out to dinner with them! It was a huge challenge to find the right experts, who could teach in a way that women like us, with no experience, could learn, and who cared enough to be kind and supportive of our process.

I brought female colleagues along with me to try the various instructors. One of my colleagues and new friends had just finished her chemo and had just overcome breast cancer. I'll never forget the smile on her face as she shot a fully-automatic machine gun in the desert and told me how powerful that made her feel at just the time when she needed it most.

One of the women was so overwhelmed – she wrote to me:

"How soon can I go again!? I LOVED this …truly, a once in a lifetime experience (until the next time). I learned to shoot a gun, I learned I'm a pretty good shot, I learned how to sweep a room, I learned not to shoot the innocent civilian, I learned to team with a group of women that were relative strangers. I learned to laugh in extreme situations… My husband has been known to quip, "Yeah, I wouldn't mess with your mother . . . She's been to spy school, you know." I feel more confident, stronger, and have friends … all over the country. Thanks to Stiletto Spy School, I am a force!"

Sharon S - Portland, OR

And you know what really took me by surprise? I continued to receive calls and letters and emails months later from not one or two of them, but from all of them about how it changed their lives and how they feel on a day-to-day basis.

I thought this would just be a fun thing. But what started out just about me and developing my own confidence was turning into something much bigger. I gathered the "alumni" and they said "you need to get this out there, this is something that our society needs" - and with that, Stiletto Spy School was born.

A Spy School For Women Like Us?

All of the women who attended started talking about it so much – and so many of their friends wanted to come. In fact making conversation at parties was no longer a problem – Stiletto Spy School was all anyone wanted to talk about!

What started as a whisper turned in to a roar. Before I even knew what was happening – NPR (National Public Radio) heard about what I was doing and wanted to cover it!

I never thought I'd be leading a women's empowerment program aka spy school, but I realized I had no choice. On that day I fully committed to running Stiletto Spy School full time.

And then not one, but TWO of the producers from NBC's Today Show as well as one of the on air stars Natalie Morales all wrote to me in the same day – they were so inspired by what I was doing for women's empowerment that they wanted to feature it on their show.

And then MSN.COM put us on the front page of their site.

Suddenly this was touching millions of women all around the globe.

The calls started pouring in, and the best instructors started to gather around wanting to be part of this. And as more women started coming in – here are some of the things that they said:

"What an experience! To be able to learn skills that are generally from a "man's world" with ease, support and no judgment was fantastic. To succeed… there aren't words."

Sharon H, Mt Kisco NY

Tyra Banks describes it this way: "At Stiletto Spy School, you learn to kick ass, still be sexy, and TAKE CONTROL of your life"

I'm just a … girl from NYC. I never thought I'd be running a spy school program that leads to women's empowerment, but now after doing it for the past few years I couldn't imagine going back.

Hi, I'm Alana founder of Stiletto Spy School. My mission is to enable women to take control of their lives once and for all. Here we are coming up on our 4 year anniversary of Stiletto Spy School. We've gone through a lot of instructors, and a lot of work to make Stiletto Spy School the leading female empowerment program in the country and the results have been overwhelming – but that's all about to change and get even better – Welcome to Stiletto Spy School 2.0

Do you want the secret THOSE women have – you know, Emma Peel, the Bond Girls, Nikita…?


You know what I've learned from 4 years of doing this? I learned that people don't come to shoot guns, learn hand-to-hand combat, or even to mix delicious martinis. They think they do but that's not why they are here.I look back at all the girls in the movies I watched growing up and realize there is a secret they all have. You can see it in the look in their eye, a glint of confidence, of inner power – and now I have it too.

After 4 years of doing this, I realize that this is what everyone is coming in for – confidence, inner strength, freedom, feminine power, the secret.

You may be a mom, a lawyer or a banker, you may be a musician or a school teacher, but this is the time you get to step out of that zone and be the strong confident, masterful woman you have always dreamed of being. You know she's in there – I have the keys to let her out!

And when you go back to your daily life, you'll have a secret that only you and a few select others know. You'll bring that secret, that confidence and power with you in the office…, walking down the street… , in a social situation…, in the boardroom or in the bedroom.

I'm so crazy excited about SSS 2.0 in Las Vegas this October that I'm going to be there the entire weekend to not just oversee the entire event, but to take the classes right alongside you, AND to personally share with each of you all of the wisdom I've learned along this journey – all the tips and tricks I've picked up – and all the ways that I apply these learnings daily to make my life the most juicy fun ride it can be.

Only our top rated instructors who I have handpicked will be there to share their skills and expertise. I've personally challenged each of them to step up their game higher than ever before and to show you new skills that are quick and easy to learn – things like the one self-defense tool that you can carry anywhere (even on an airplane) and how to use it to stop an attacker cold – with very little force!

We've also been working on a secret partnership with a great hotel. They want to keep it under wraps so I can't say anything yet… but you'll love it! We'll announce the surprise just days before our trip!

While I can't share all the super cool surprises we have in store for you – I'll share this - I can't imagine any woman going through this program and not coming out totally different. From knife fighting lessons, to firearms training, from Poker lessons with professionals, to full on glamour make overs, this is the weekend to transform your life.

Here's the Best Part…

Want to know what I look forward to most? We'll laugh a lot, share great dinners and make awesome new friends with a fierce group of women who all are dedicated to making this the trip of a lifetime. Together, we'll push our limits, support each other, and have the ultimate experience to learn and grow, to transform.

So, yeah, you may be a mom, a lawyer or a banker, may be a musician or a school teacher, but after this weekend, you are going to have one hell of a secret weapon!

Not only that, you are going to have a beautiful book of photos commemorating the weekend so that your secret is always at the top of your mind and your inner confidence can always shine through.

This is a super-limited invitation only experience.

I Know This Is Amazing –
But What's The Deal?

We barely ever offer discounts at Stiletto Spy School and this 2.0 class is our best yet and is normally priced at $5997. But because of your relationship with Stiletto Spy School, and because we adore you, this October's 2.0 class is only $3,750. And because life is even more fun when you share it, when you register together with a partner in crime – it is only $6,700 for both of you to have the experience of a lifetime – and yes that is all inclusive – meals, hotel, the works.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make the changes that you want in your life. This is the only chance you'll have to experience our 2.0 Stiletto Spy School Las Vegas Immersion at this price so choose your package below or just pick up the phone 888 779 1905 and let the adventure begin!

Registration will be open only until October 18th or until the remaining six spots sell out. So take control of your life and sign up right now!

Love and light


PS – Start working on your spy name now – you'll need it when you arrive! Start picking out your stilettos

PPS - Can we promise you'll be Emma Peel or Lara Croft upon your return? Not exactly. Can we promise you'll be significantly closer? Absolutely.